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Art group for players of FH!
Update 10/12/11
Seems we've been getting alot of questions as to where the map pack is.

Due to ingame issues with the maps, such as bad tokens and connection errors, the map pack was removed from download. It will be worked on by both me and Tigg and we will probably submit each of the maps for separate download.

Sorry for the issue, and I'll keep you updated on which maps are released again.

Silent Lakes

Finally! T-i-g-g and Delayni's maps are released at last!

Go to the Official Feralheart Website and click 'Official Downloads' in order to download the FH Map Pack.

This pack features maps made by T-i-g-g (FH user Tigg) and me (FH user Delay), as well as a special revamp of Greatfalls, made my the original Hammy (I dont know the DA or username D: ). There is also an amazing forest map created by the awesome fire-phoenix-kai (Zukai)!

I hope to see you there :)











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